Bra clips is usually rings, sliders, hooks that is used in intimate apparels or lingerie to adjust the bra straps or to style its straps in decorative way.

They are commonly made up of plastic & nylon coated with a layer of metal or stainless steel. These clips are really helpful in keeping you bra away from slipping or showing your dress. These clips are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the users. They are so thin and light weighted and comfortable that you won’t even feel it’s presence under your clothes.

Change your looks with these bra converting clips, they come in so many assorted colors. These bra strap clips or bra converting clips is a perfect solution to hide you bra straps under your dress or any clothe that you wear would possibly show those bra straps.

Clip it onto your bra to style those bra straps into a racerback bra straps or cross back straps , any other style that you like.


  1. Loosen your bra straps a bit than you normally wear it.
  2. Using it is so easy if you have someone to help you then put on you bra and ask them to put the bra clips in.
  3. Even if you don’t have someone to help you then also you can put those bra clips in alone not a big deal.


I am sharing links of some of the best that I use personally.

1. Razor Bra Clips Cleavage Control Clips

  • Pull-On closure
  • Discretely transform any bra easily and comfortably
  • Height-adjustable, clips keep bra straps in place and hidden
  • 1 clip each in White, Black, Beige
  • Transform any bra into a miracle bra
  • Goes on in seconds without removing bra; Improved fit adds up to full cup size.

Razor Clips Bra Strap

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Clips Conceal Bra Straps Cleavage Control Clip


  • Multifunctional Bra Convertible Clips. Keep pesky straps hidden and prevent them from slipping with this Hollywood Fashion Secret Bra Converting Clips! Hold bra straps to prevent them from showing and slipping while it creates instant lift and cleavage.
  • Durable & Reusable Bra Accessory. Worry-free razor back bra alternative! These non-slip bra straps from Hollywood Fashion Secrets are made of plastic that makes it durable. Each can hold straps for long and can be used and reused for a long time.
  • Easy to Use. Convert any bra to a cross back style in seconds! Lengthen bra or swimsuit straps, insert bra straps into the clip, slide the clip down to a comfortable level or even hook it to your waist with the back in front. You do it your way!
  • Great Value for Money. Keep your bra straps in place and hidden throughout the day! Allows you to hide and keep from slipping unsightly bra straps when wearing racer back, sleeveless or tank tops. Comes in 3 colors with contemporary design.
  • From Your Fashion Fix-it Expert. Hollywood Fashion Secrets continues to provide innovative products to keep yourself as put-together as your favorite Hollywood stars with stylist secret weapons! Products are designed to help women feel their most confidence everywhere, anytime!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Bra Converting Clips

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Bra Converting Clips


  • Pull-On closure
  • Eliminate and conceal falling bra straps ,adjusted the length, durable and elastic
  • Increase cup size, get a beautiful instant boost to your silhouette, Comfortable and easy to use. Works with your favorite bras.
  • Transform any bra into a miracle bra. Goes on in seconds without removing bra, improved fit adds up to full cup size.
  • Perfect for dresses, blouses, sports tops and more. Discretely transform any bra easily and comfortably. Perfect for racer back dresses and shirts!
  • Provides additional lift and support to give the appearance of a fuller bust line. The ergonomic design relieves discomfort and keeps those pesky bra straps from digging into your shoulders

Thsinde Bra Strap Clips

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12 Bra Clips and Bra Straps Holder Women’s Black, White, Beige for Full Cup Size

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