Do you know? What is the biggest bra size.

Size of breast vary in most of the women. It’s normal for woman’s breast size to differ in size even the size of both breast may differ. It can vary by whole cup sizes also. So whether it’s biggest bra size or smallest it’s not a problem at all until it affects your health. It happens usually during the stage of puberty when girl’s hormones are still in the process of growing breast’s size. Even a large difference in size is not a problem at all. Now let me tell you what’s the biggest bra size in the world.

what is the biggest bra size

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The largest bra size in the world is 102 ZZZ. The lady with this size of bra is Annie Hawkins Turner, the lady with the largest size of breast in the world. She hails originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

Annie hawkins turner-what is the biggest bra size

The gigantic size of her breast weighs 85Lbs each heavier than the weight of four year old kid. she also hold the guinness book of record for largest natural breast size 48V. She wears the US size bra-52 I the largest made bra in the world.

During an interview, she said that her record breaking breast began developing when she was just nine years old. She also added “I started wearing bra when i was in third grade. I just started growing and kept right on. And the size of bra i used to wear was of a regular grown-up woman. I don’t remember wearing a training bra.

She was advised for the doctors for a breast reduction surgery but she refused. She said I don’t want to mess with the nature. She says “As my breasts grew the muscles in my back also grew and supported them “

She is a mother of two children. Annie won Guinness World Record title of largest natural breast in the world in the year 2000.

She cherish what she has. She said ” It made me feel like million bucks. It will go down the history. I am happy”.

annie hawkins-turner

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